My tumblr page on things I like and things that inspire me. Currently, I work as a Game Designer at a studio in Malmo, Sweden called Massive Entertainment.


Crazy Swedish Bus drivers! This is after storm Sven battered the southern part of Sweden (Where I live) raising the water levels and flooding parts of the coast.

Before they pass away

These pictures will blow your mind of tribes that may one day dissappear. Visit the site here with more pictures:

Love these short Zelda comics and its little animations bring it to life  :)

Feeling nostalgic? Watch stars from the 80’s singing “Let It be”

These beautiful screenshots from are perfect to save as wallpaper for your desktop. The images above are from Eve Online, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim

A really beautiful music video for Of Monsters & Men’s song King & Lionheart.

SUPERHOT 7dfps game

Try this game, it’s really good. Too bad it’s too short, I would love to keep playing it. An interesting take on an FPS and time-manipulation.